We charge a weekly fee of just £1, this is payable by all members aged 16 years or older. First time visitors get a free pass for that night.

Those members under the age of 16 do not have to pay at all and children under the age of  12 must be accompanied by an adult and that adult will be asked to cough up the £1 fee.

We would like to point out the the WMC let us use their facilities at no charge so if you could spend money at the bar on drinks and snacks it would help us keep our weekly fee as low as it is.....thanks

Children at the Club

Part of the GCN's remit is to ensure that children are protected from negative experiences when they are in our care.

To this end I would just like to bring to your attention the GCN's Child Protection Policy which you can see here This document gives all the info you need on the clubs standpoint on child protection.

Also, lets all try hard to NOT swear near our younger members, this of course applies to everyone !


The Wakefield Warrior