Yorkshire Open 2013 (Fantasy) Results

Yesterday saw18 fantasy players battling it out for the title of "Yorkshire Open Champion 2013". The results were as follows (apologies for any names spelt wrong but I couldn't read all of them ..some of you must be Doctors).
  1. Kyle Grundy       Lizardmen
  2. SimonBurdett      High Elves
  3. Snooty Fox        Lizardmen
  4. Darryl Jones      Empire
  5. Peter Halliday    Bretonnia
  6. Craig Davies      Chaos Warriors
  7. Kieran            Dark Elves
  8. Ben Atkinson      Tomb kings
  9. Dan Quirk         Dwarves (best painted)
  10. Dennis            Wood Elves
  11. Keith Lupton      Tomb kings
  12. Peter Clappison   Empire
  13. Dave              Vampire
  14. Steve Wallace     Daemons of Chaos
  15. James Collingwood Beastmen
  16. Steve Wooler      Warriors of Chaos
  17. J Monksfield      Ogres
  18. Rueben Millmore   Dwarves
Hopefully everybody had a good timeand well done to Kyle for showing us how its done with some gorilla warfare  (dirty skinks).

40k next week