Warhammer Fantasy Finals (Yorkshire Open 2012)

The finals are to be held at the Balne Lane WMC on Sunday 11th March 2012.

as a rule book says somewhere

Play Like You've Got a Pair !!!....which obviously excludes all Skaven players.....


You know who I'm talking too !

Wahammer 40K 2012 Wakefield Heat (results)

No snow this time so we were very pleased so see a few more faces at the 40k tournament.

Anyway onto the results which were as follows;

1st - Daniel Wallbank
2nd Brett Smith
3rd James Walker (joint)
3rd Chad
5th Sean Lamb (joint)
5th Dan Cain
5th Carl Cooke
5th Adam Williams

James unfortunately can't make the final so his place will be taken by Paul Loveredge.

Many thanks to all those who joined in and congratulations to those who qualified for the finals