Fantasy Yorkshire Open Heat 2012

Not even the snow could stop people travelling from all over West and South Yorkshire to have a go at the fantasy heat of the Yorkshire Open 2012.

Congratualtions and thanks to all those who managed to get there.

The results are as follows

1) Darren Parkes (daemons)
2) Cragin Davies (skaven)
3) Darryl Hunt (Orcs and Goblins)
4) Steve Wallace (Lizardmen)
5) James (Empire)
6) Chris Bowes (Skaven)
7) Mick Todd (Skaven)
8) Matt Kieffe (Orcs and Goblins)

All these qualify for the final to be held at the Wakefield Warriors (Balne Lane WMC) on SUNDAY 11th MARCH.

Thats the Warhammer Yorkshire open Finals (fantasy) on Sunday 11th March

Next up on Sunday the 19th is

the 40K Yorkshire Open 2012 heat (wakefield)