No club tonight

Its Christmas Eve !

Eat, drink and be Merry

Have a good one everybody


Its Christmas !!!

So no game playing this Monday (17th Dec)

Just a bit of drinking a bit of food and what people tell me is a bit of singing.......one would hope that Max does not do whatever he did last year.....as its a little disturbing.

So its come around again, the Wakefield Warriors Christmas party.

Rock on !


Last night it finally happened, I lost my Magic the Gathering cherry.

I played with a deck provided by Frodo  (an all white deck, soldier based) and Sean played with another Frodo supplied deck (blue and red I believe). So under the guidance of Tom (who has the patience of a Saint, thanks Tom).

About 90 minutes later , I won, more by luck than judgement I reckon. Anyway now I can see (sort of) how the game mechanics work and how some of the different coloured decks work.

We then had a second game, same decks as before only this time Tom joined in using a new blue deck...........holy crap on a cracker !!!.........Tom wiped the floor with us....so what I learnt from this is blue decks can be horrible, especially ones supplied by Dan (like we thought any different)  and to stay up to speed you have to get the newer decks.

Talking of which...if you want cheap Magic the Gathering cards go to our webstore at www.wwwargaming.co.uk for some really cheap M13 / Ravnica deals.


Magic the Gathering Sealed Tournament

Ok, we're doing something new for the club here. On the 8th October (2 days after the release of the new Magic the Gathering stuff) we are holding a "sealed" competition.

The competition will start at 6 o'clock and will cost £25 for entry, this will buy you 6 booster packs and prizes will be awarded in the normal fashion.

DCI points will be awarded so bring your numbers with you.

Wakefield Warriors go Social

It had to happen eventually, to stay in touch with the "yoof" and their desire for electronic socialising we now have a club Facebook page, go here  to see it in all its glory, feel free to post questions, comments and so on.

Nothing insulting, unless its Craig....cos he hasn't got a computer he probably won't see it.


wwwargaming.co.uk.........ITS ALIVE !!!

Greetings, as previously mentioned we have been setting up a webstore, I am very pleased to announce that it is now up and running. The website can be found at http://www.wwwargaming.co.uk , its all completely legit, we are not trying to con anyone !. Infact its quite the opposite, we are trying very hard to let you take advantage of some good discounts to make your wargaming cheaper.

The site is for use by everyone, not just club members, however as a club member you can avoid paying postage by selecting the "pick up from club" payment option and we will bring the goods down to the club on the Monday after the goods are received ...how easy is that ?

All payments on the website are done through PayPal

Use it.....go on you know you want to