Christmas Party

Once a year we like to get together and have a bit to eat, a bit of a sing song and a large bit of booze...some more than others it would seem. Anyway the evening was very enjoyable and I was really surprised by some of the singers and their song choices. Dan's choice of Star Trekking was a brave one given how fast it gets towards the end, Tristram's Monster Mash was a shy and retiring little number and I really think that next time he should put a bit more effort into it......to be honest if he did the best place to listen might be somewhere nearer the prison....with ear muffs on....good effort Tristram. Then we have Max's (think it was Max)  who's choice of song was......uhm.........er interesting...imagine if you would getting a really big dog....squeezing its nuts tightly and recording the barking, growling and generally furious pain filled howling and you are going in the right direction. Sean led us through the Time Warp (mercifully he left his Rocky Horror gear at home) and the floor was full of dancers doing the warp, led by Michael......who knows the dance to an almost professional level.

Anyway, a massive round of applause for everyone who had the kahunas to get up there and do it..whatever the song chosen. A big thank you to all who showed up, helped set up, did the food, sang, danced and generally made the evening the event it was....

Next time we want more people.......................this means you.

Finally we have a video of the last song .......I suggest you turn the volume down low as the sound is a little distorted...such was the effort put in by all involved.

...hope you enjoy it.... have a good Christmas and see you in the new year

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