Games Workshop get stroppy with New Necron Pictures

It would appear that Games Workshop don't want people to get excited about their new Necron Models and have asked anybody with such pictures to remove them from you tube. I for one can't understand this, its free advertising !, everybody gets to see them and think "wow great models can't wait to get them, better start saving" and so on.

One French online retailer has posted this picture for the new Dreadfleet game

................................which makes me want to introduce the new Necron Lord model as.........

Really don't understand GW sometimes


Get yer' metal paints ready !

Necron rumours now suggest a release very soon for the easiest army to paint in the 40k universe. Anyway here are a few pictures for any of you who thinks their boat will get floated by this

also the guy who did this video (buypainted) also has lots of videos on you tube for painting and modelling, check out what this fella can do with a spray brush.....most talented methinks !


Yo Ho Me Hearties !!!

Tonight at the wakefield warriors games club there were 3 games of  Games Workshops' Dreadfleet being played. Now I was busy playing against the skaven (one game was a win to the daemons the second, well ..er...I will be taking skaven feet out my back passage for a while) so I did not get to see the games getting played and I have no idea of the rules but the feedback from people who did play or at least watched seems very good.

So should I get it ? well £70 says I shouldn't but I really want to.....curse you GW and your sneaky marketing !!!