Cheddar me !

Well last night at the wakefield warriors wargames club we had an interesting battle between High Elves(Chris) and uhm, Empire, Italian themed wierd militia type army (Padre).

Well anyway the subject of cheese reared its ugly head people could just not believe the army selections in question, yup even me, Mr Tolerant, was a little dismayed at the choice one of the generals made.

It distorted the game, it created an atmosphere of hostility, it just wasn't pretty....yup Padre's choice of a massive unit of pike men is just fromagery in its purest form, poor old high elves charged this unit with the dragon prince unit and promptly lost ASF, were at -2 to hit, lost all charge bonuses and got hit by about 40 attacks.......unbalanced Edam me thinks.

I think this one unit on its own would really have put poor old Teclis off his stroke....sheesh, we may have to introduce club rules to prevent this sort of thing in the future........cheese in its purest form...I can still smell the Stilton, pass me a cracker :-)


  1. And yet all the high elves did was bounce, then reform. Obviously my 'cheese' unit was a sort of rubbery cheese. I couldn't hurt them. HE. They went on to charge again and kill, kill, kill. Maybe you didn't see that bit? That's the reason I have big units, individually my guys are like ants to a high elf's giant.

    Oh, and 3 (maybe 4) Dweller's Below from a Teclis operating outside of the rules (getting irresistables on 1,1,1 and such like !!) did kill about 80 of my ants.

    You are aware, I take it, that I lost? If I was cheese (and those campaign list armies never are) then it was a rotten cheese that was the exact opposite of what you mean.

    A rematch with us using proper magic rules might prove my army could at least have a vague chance of victory. But cheesy?

    Then again, I am almost wholly convinced your post is in a sarcastic vein.

  2. well,uhm....I was hoping a reader might assume I was going to bad mouth Teclis and point the wedge of cheese in his direction but I twisted it about abit for comic affect.....something I seem to have failed at completely.....so your army was good...Teclis was bad...... :-)

  3. Yeah, I knew that. But, and you may not believe this, I wrote what I wrote just in case others did not understand what you and I understood. Understand?

    Or to put in another way, on the off-chance there was a chance that our readers might read into your post a meaning that was not meant by you, nor thought by me to be your meaning, I wrote a post that I did not mean simply (!) to counterbalance the lack of understanding on their behalf.

    I could have just written 'Of course you are joking' but hey ... too easy by far.

    On a side issue, I fought that list (expanded even further to include more northern allies) against a player playing the same list (not the same army, but the using the same list to build his army). 3000 versus 3500 (the smaller force had a lot of defences). It made for a good game, and lots of pictures, which in turn makes for a long time to put together a report. It will come soon (ish). The defenders were all elite foot and massive guns (siege cannons and ribaudequins, as well as mortars and great cannons). The attackers were massed foot - with even more pikemen in that pike regiment.

    Now, back to painting Bretonnian knights (as mercenaries!!).

    I will from here on in take your posts to be in the spirit they do seem to me to be in, rather than worry what others think.