Cheddar me !

Well last night at the wakefield warriors wargames club we had an interesting battle between High Elves(Chris) and uhm, Empire, Italian themed wierd militia type army (Padre).

Well anyway the subject of cheese reared its ugly head people could just not believe the army selections in question, yup even me, Mr Tolerant, was a little dismayed at the choice one of the generals made.

It distorted the game, it created an atmosphere of hostility, it just wasn't pretty....yup Padre's choice of a massive unit of pike men is just fromagery in its purest form, poor old high elves charged this unit with the dragon prince unit and promptly lost ASF, were at -2 to hit, lost all charge bonuses and got hit by about 40 attacks.......unbalanced Edam me thinks.

I think this one unit on its own would really have put poor old Teclis off his stroke....sheesh, we may have to introduce club rules to prevent this sort of thing in the future........cheese in its purest form...I can still smell the Stilton, pass me a cracker :-)