Christmas Party

Once a year we like to get together and have a bit to eat, a bit of a sing song and a large bit of booze...some more than others it would seem. Anyway the evening was very enjoyable and I was really surprised by some of the singers and their song choices. Dan's choice of Star Trekking was a brave one given how fast it gets towards the end, Tristram's Monster Mash was a shy and retiring little number and I really think that next time he should put a bit more effort into it......to be honest if he did the best place to listen might be somewhere nearer the prison....with ear muffs on....good effort Tristram. Then we have Max's (think it was Max)  who's choice of song was......uhm.........er interesting...imagine if you would getting a really big dog....squeezing its nuts tightly and recording the barking, growling and generally furious pain filled howling and you are going in the right direction. Sean led us through the Time Warp (mercifully he left his Rocky Horror gear at home) and the floor was full of dancers doing the warp, led by Michael......who knows the dance to an almost professional level.

Anyway, a massive round of applause for everyone who had the kahunas to get up there and do it..whatever the song chosen. A big thank you to all who showed up, helped set up, did the food, sang, danced and generally made the evening the event it was....

Next time we want more people.......................this means you.

Finally we have a video of the last song .......I suggest you turn the volume down low as the sound is a little distorted...such was the effort put in by all involved.

...hope you enjoy it.... have a good Christmas and see you in the new year


40k goes large this Monday

so got something large and expensive you want to show off, like a bane blade the size of  a small family car.....bring it on down


Games Workshop get stroppy with New Necron Pictures

It would appear that Games Workshop don't want people to get excited about their new Necron Models and have asked anybody with such pictures to remove them from you tube. I for one can't understand this, its free advertising !, everybody gets to see them and think "wow great models can't wait to get them, better start saving" and so on.

One French online retailer has posted this picture for the new Dreadfleet game

................................which makes me want to introduce the new Necron Lord model as.........

Really don't understand GW sometimes


Get yer' metal paints ready !

Necron rumours now suggest a release very soon for the easiest army to paint in the 40k universe. Anyway here are a few pictures for any of you who thinks their boat will get floated by this

also the guy who did this video (buypainted) also has lots of videos on you tube for painting and modelling, check out what this fella can do with a spray brush.....most talented methinks !


Yo Ho Me Hearties !!!

Tonight at the wakefield warriors games club there were 3 games of  Games Workshops' Dreadfleet being played. Now I was busy playing against the skaven (one game was a win to the daemons the second, well ..er...I will be taking skaven feet out my back passage for a while) so I did not get to see the games getting played and I have no idea of the rules but the feedback from people who did play or at least watched seems very good.

So should I get it ? well £70 says I shouldn't but I really want to.....curse you GW and your sneaky marketing !!!


Cheddar me !

Well last night at the wakefield warriors wargames club we had an interesting battle between High Elves(Chris) and uhm, Empire, Italian themed wierd militia type army (Padre).

Well anyway the subject of cheese reared its ugly head people could just not believe the army selections in question, yup even me, Mr Tolerant, was a little dismayed at the choice one of the generals made.

It distorted the game, it created an atmosphere of hostility, it just wasn't pretty....yup Padre's choice of a massive unit of pike men is just fromagery in its purest form, poor old high elves charged this unit with the dragon prince unit and promptly lost ASF, were at -2 to hit, lost all charge bonuses and got hit by about 40 attacks.......unbalanced Edam me thinks.

I think this one unit on its own would really have put poor old Teclis off his stroke....sheesh, we may have to introduce club rules to prevent this sort of thing in the future........cheese in its purest form...I can still smell the Stilton, pass me a cracker :-)


Bank Holiday Monday

Well it may be a bank holiday but the club is open to those who aren't being made to do "the family" thing.

As long as there are no cheerleaders double booking themselves in I'll see you there :-)

The guys gone mad !

Well I asked Padre to put a few posts onto the forum and he certainly has.

There are a couple of really nice battle reports for warhammer fantasy between dwarf and empire armies and also now one between ogres and a mercenary army. Both reports look great.

Padre is, I suspect, part dwarf engineer part clan moulder going by his conversions posts, skaven doomwheel, ogre scrap launcher, snotling pump wagon and an empire war wagon are all given the scratch build treatment and I for one think the results are excellent. If you are interested please follow the the forum links and head over to fantasy projects.


Pictures from a warhammer fantasy battle

like the title says just a few pictures of some great looking models from one of tonights games. Seems like both the ogres and the empires were giving as good as they got.

Go to the gallery page to see them

Blood Bowl

Well it seems that some people here at the wakefield warriors games club likes to play blood bowl too, so here are a few pictures taken from tonights game. Sorry for the slightly poor lighting conditions.


Lord of the Rings club competition

Tonight saw the fist lot of games in the club's lord of the rings competition, there are pictures on the gallery page for those interested.


Ok, as discussed on Monday night I have added a disclaimer page so that people from Privateer Press or Games Workshop don't get all stroppy because we use one of their logos and people think this is somehow an official website of those companies.


Wakefield Warriors Games Club

A site for the wakefield warriors games club.

Welcome all.

This site is essentially a blog but I think we can make a functional website for the club from it..

So hopefully by putting lots of keywords into this post it will help the search engines to find this site.
warhammer. Games played at the club include warhammer 40k and warhammer fantasy, lord of the rings is popular as is magic the gathering. From time to time there are role playing sessions, the last one I saw was based on Star Wars.

I am currently setting up a privateer press hordes army (trollbloods) if I can find someone to play against it would be great..sometimes its lonely being a wargamer !

So if you live in the Wakefield area and you enjoy your wargames please come along, you are more than welcome.