We've moved ...again

Better Late than never

Monday nights are now held at

Westgate Common Working Mens Club

+44 1924 372989


Team Events

Unfortunately due to us being unable to get enough people interested we are going to have to cancel these two events. Sorry for all those who did want to play.


Fantasy Team Tournament

On the 6th October we would like to hold a team tournament for warhammer fantasy.

Rule pack can be found here RULE PACK CLICKY

For more info please use the info at the bottom of the page


40k Team Tournament

Hello all, we are trying to set up a team 40k tournament. On the 13th October. Entry fee payable up front and if we don't get enough teams interested we will have to cancel. Lots of people have already shown an interest so hopefully cancellation won't happen. Rule pack can be found RULE PACK

For more info please use the info at the bottom of the page


The Games Pit

For those of you that don't already know, Wakefield has a new games shop and gaming venue.

The Games Pit is now open !

You can find us in the Old Vicarage building on Zetland Street

We have three 6x4 tables to play on (although I must admit really tall people may have to duck down a bit).

We are currently selling GW products at 15% off RRP (20% if you are a club member) We also stock, Magic the Gathering, X-wing, Dreadball, Kings of War and Warpath.

So come have a look and play a game or two We look forward to seeing you soon

You can find more details at thegamespit


Dreadball Tournament

We are very pleased to announce that we will be holding a Dreadball tournament on the 4th August

This is an official Mantic sanctioned event and the winner will gain entry to the finals to be held in November.

A rule pack can be found here

Rule pack

or here

Rule Pack

Other details are as follows

Dreadball Yorkshire Open - Tournament
To be run by the Wakefield Warriors Games Club.
The winner gets to go through to the finals at Mantic.
Date: 4th August
Where: Balne Lane Working Mens Club (Wakefield) (which is actually on Benjamin Street)
Starts: 9:30 (registration) Games Start at 10:30
Costs: £5/entry
And we are going to fit 5 games in !


Wakefield Warriors Fantasy Tournament Results  May 2013

Once again thanks for everyone who showed up the day seemed to go very well and the feedback so far has been very positive.

The results are as follows;
1 Darryl Jones-High Elves 60 pts
2 George Elton-Daemons 47 pts
3 Dave Elms-Chaos Warriors 44 pts

4 Simon Burdett-Ogres 43 pts
5 Matt O'Keefe-Empire 40 pts
6 Adam Bastow-High Elves 37 pts
7 Thomas Lodge-Skaven 37 pts
8 James Collingwood-Beastmen 37 pts
9 James Clark-Empire 34 pts
10 Ryan Thornton-Dwarves 34 pts
11 M Kelly-Ogres 33 pts
12 Jakab-Beastmen 29 pts
13 Alex McShane-Dwarves 27 pts
14 Peter Clappison-Empire 26 pts
15 Craig Davies-Daemons 23 pts
16 Michael Crossley-Empire 23 pts
17 Keith Lupton-Ogres 20 pts
18 Dennis Convery-Chaos Warriors 3 pts
19 Darryl Hunt -Beastmen 3 pts
20 Jim Monksfield-Empire 3 pts

Thanks to all who helped in the running of the event and to wwwargaming for footing the bill/providing the prizes.


Wakefield Warrior Tournaments


Sunday 12th May 2013 @ 

Registration 9:30 -9:45 ready to play at 10am

Balne Lane WMC 
Benjamin Street

£10 entry fee
3 Games randomly rolled for at the start of each round.
1800 points - codex legal! If its not in the codex you cant use it.
WYSiWYG is enforced but not bothered about painting.
Warlord traits to be rolled for at the start of the day and the same one will be kept through out the event.

A link for the 40k rules pack can be found here......CLICK HERE

if any one is interested contact Sean @ Wakefield warriors on <zero>78472<zero>23<zero>8 
the prizes are 1st £75, 2nd £50 3rd £25 worth of vouchers to spend at www.wwwargaming.co.uk


Sunday 19th May 2013

Registration 9:30 -9:45 ready to play at 10am

Balne Lane WMC 
Benjamin Street

£10 entry fee
2000 points
3 Games randomly rolled for at the start of each round. 
Currently in print army books only. Chaos dwarfs from the FW supliment are also permited. 
WYSiWYG is enforced, though paint isnt needed. 

A link for the fantasy rules pack can be found here......click here

if any one is interested contact Sean @ Wakefield warriors on <zero>78472<zero>23<zero>8 
the prizes are 1st £75, 2nd £50 3rd £25 worth of vouchers to spend at www.wwwargaming.co.uk


Yorkshire Open 2013 (Fantasy) Results

Yesterday saw18 fantasy players battling it out for the title of "Yorkshire Open Champion 2013". The results were as follows (apologies for any names spelt wrong but I couldn't read all of them ..some of you must be Doctors).
  1. Kyle Grundy       Lizardmen
  2. SimonBurdett      High Elves
  3. Snooty Fox        Lizardmen
  4. Darryl Jones      Empire
  5. Peter Halliday    Bretonnia
  6. Craig Davies      Chaos Warriors
  7. Kieran            Dark Elves
  8. Ben Atkinson      Tomb kings
  9. Dan Quirk         Dwarves (best painted)
  10. Dennis            Wood Elves
  11. Keith Lupton      Tomb kings
  12. Peter Clappison   Empire
  13. Dave              Vampire
  14. Steve Wallace     Daemons of Chaos
  15. James Collingwood Beastmen
  16. Steve Wooler      Warriors of Chaos
  17. J Monksfield      Ogres
  18. Rueben Millmore   Dwarves
Hopefully everybody had a good timeand well done to Kyle for showing us how its done with some gorilla warfare  (dirty skinks).

40k next week


The Yorkshire Open & Dates

Due to the forced change to venue we regret that we will no longer be holding a heat in Leeds for the fantasy competition

Members of the club will fight amongst themeselves on a club night

Others wanting to compete will have to attend one of the other open events being held

Once again we are sorry for this situation but as mentioned previously this turn of events is out of our control and was somewhat unexpected.



We have the dates for the Yorkshire Open heats and finals.

The heats (Wakefield) will be;

17th Feb - Fantasy
10th Mar - 40k

and the finals will be

17th March  - Fantasy
24th March - 40k

Due to events outside our control we will be unable to host the heats and finals at Wakefield (Balne Lane WMC)

Instead we will be holding them in Leeds at the following address;

Farsley Conservative Club
LS28 5HX


No club tonight

Its Christmas Eve !

Eat, drink and be Merry

Have a good one everybody


Its Christmas !!!

So no game playing this Monday (17th Dec)

Just a bit of drinking a bit of food and what people tell me is a bit of singing.......one would hope that Max does not do whatever he did last year.....as its a little disturbing.

So its come around again, the Wakefield Warriors Christmas party.

Rock on !


Last night it finally happened, I lost my Magic the Gathering cherry.

I played with a deck provided by Frodo  (an all white deck, soldier based) and Sean played with another Frodo supplied deck (blue and red I believe). So under the guidance of Tom (who has the patience of a Saint, thanks Tom).

About 90 minutes later , I won, more by luck than judgement I reckon. Anyway now I can see (sort of) how the game mechanics work and how some of the different coloured decks work.

We then had a second game, same decks as before only this time Tom joined in using a new blue deck...........holy crap on a cracker !!!.........Tom wiped the floor with us....so what I learnt from this is blue decks can be horrible, especially ones supplied by Dan (like we thought any different)  and to stay up to speed you have to get the newer decks.

Talking of which...if you want cheap Magic the Gathering cards go to our webstore at www.wwwargaming.co.uk for some really cheap M13 / Ravnica deals.


Magic the Gathering Sealed Tournament

Ok, we're doing something new for the club here. On the 8th October (2 days after the release of the new Magic the Gathering stuff) we are holding a "sealed" competition.

The competition will start at 6 o'clock and will cost £25 for entry, this will buy you 6 booster packs and prizes will be awarded in the normal fashion.

DCI points will be awarded so bring your numbers with you.

Wakefield Warriors go Social

It had to happen eventually, to stay in touch with the "yoof" and their desire for electronic socialising we now have a club Facebook page, go here  to see it in all its glory, feel free to post questions, comments and so on.

Nothing insulting, unless its Craig....cos he hasn't got a computer he probably won't see it.


wwwargaming.co.uk.........ITS ALIVE !!!

Greetings, as previously mentioned we have been setting up a webstore, I am very pleased to announce that it is now up and running. The website can be found at http://www.wwwargaming.co.uk , its all completely legit, we are not trying to con anyone !. Infact its quite the opposite, we are trying very hard to let you take advantage of some good discounts to make your wargaming cheaper.

The site is for use by everyone, not just club members, however as a club member you can avoid paying postage by selecting the "pick up from club" payment option and we will bring the goods down to the club on the Monday after the goods are received ...how easy is that ?

All payments on the website are done through PayPal

Use it.....go on you know you want to