Welcome to the Wakefield Warriors Gaming Club

Hi to all gamers in the Wakefield Area.

We are the Wakefield Warriors Gaming club and we are reaching out to you, so if your looking for a place to play come on down. our address is

Westgate Common WMC
5 Park Grove RD
West Yorkshire
01924 372989


Wakefield Warriors Games Club

A site for the wakefield warriors games club.

Welcome all.

This site is essentially a blog but I think we can make a functional website for the club from it..

So hopefully by putting lots of keywords into this post it will help the search engines to find this site.
warhammer. Games played at the club include warhammer 40k and warhammer fantasy, From time to time there are role playing sessions

So if you live in the Wakefield area and you enjoy your wargames please come along, you are more than welcome.